Re: Camel or Rope?

From: David L. Moore (
Date: Wed Oct 02 1996 - 20:39:32 EDT

Craig Abernethy wrote:
> Thanks to David Moore for his message on Lamsa. May I inquire, isn't it
> also a fact that the Peshitta is written in Syriac, that there is no such
> thing as an "Aramaic NT" in Palestinian Aramaic? Isn't there also a
> gigantic problem with supposing the existence of (an unattested) written
> Aramaic original for the gospels?

        Another note on this for anyone that might be interested, an article
on Lamsa's claims by E. Yamauchi from _Bibliotheca Sacra_ can be found at the
following address: An article on
a similar theme is also available at The latter
comes from the Christian Research Institute, is more theological in focus and
from an Evangelical perspective.

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