Eph 1:17

From: Beta-user Rob Elkington (elkington@igubu.saix.net)
Date: Wed Oct 02 1996 - 04:51:02 EDT

Dear friends

Thanks to those of you who helped with Acts 7:55. I have another
question to ask. I am particularly interested in Paul's usage of
"pneuma" "pneumati" in Ephesians.

The NIV renders "dwh umin pneuma sophias kai apokalupsews" " the
Spirit of wisdom and revelation."

Would it not be better to translate this "a spirit of wisdom and
revelation"? since 1:13 declares "esfragisqhte tw pneumati..."

Paul has already declared they have the Spirit {I think although I am
wondering about that construction in 1:13 as well} but now wants them
to have a certain attitude (or am I reading a Western concept back
into that word "pneuma"?)

(What too of the unusual "en epignwsei autou" - "in a knowledge of
him"? rendered as a purpose clause in the NIV - "that you might know

Thanks for your help
Rob Elkington
Rev. R. Elkington
Community Baptist Church
P.O. Box 366
South Africa


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