Re: Eph 1:17

From: Lee R. Martin (
Date: Thu Oct 03 1996 - 02:03:26 EDT

> The NIV renders "dwh umin pneuma sophias kai apokalupsews" " the
> Spirit of wisdom and revelation."
> Would it not be better to translate this "a spirit of wisdom and
> revelation"? since 1:13 declares "esfragisqhte tw pneumati..."
> Paul has already declared they have the Spirit {I think although I am
> wondering about that construction in 1:13 as well} but now wants them
> to have a certain attitude (or am I reading a Western concept back
> into that word "pneuma"?)
"A wise spirit" could refer to the human spirit or "attitude," but how
could "spirit ... of revelation" refer to the human spirit.

In another context, "a spirit of wisdom and revelation" might have
reference to any number of supernatural "spirits," but in Ephesians, I
hardly think so, thus, "the Spirit" seems to be the only choice.

Lee R. Martin

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