Re: Mark 14:67

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Fri Oct 11 1996 - 22:52:46 EDT

Carl, I am interested in what you wrote:

>I might just note further and make the concession to Edward Hobbs (who has
>advised me to reconsider the style of Mark's Greek), that this pericope is
>in first-rate Greek, not at all the kind of Greek I think of when I
>bad-mouth Mark's native competence in Greek.

I would be interested in your discussion about Mark's Greek with Edward
(Hi, Edward), since next year is the Year of Mark liturgically and I will
be speaking about Mark with a number of pastor's groups.

So, if this is part of an on-going conversation, let me in on it. This
might be a good discussion topic.

Pax et gaudium, Ed

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