Re: Greek names

Date: Sun Oct 27 1996 - 16:32:16 EST

Jonathan wrote:

<< Since my wife EXEI EN GASTRI, I'm wondering about Greek names which sound
 good in English and have interesting meaning. Any suggestions? >>


DAMALIS sounds nice in English, and does have an interesting meaning.
However, I'm not sure I'd recommend it in your case. That's what I named a
little girl my wife gave me before we were married. Perhaps I should explain:
The little girl was of the bovine sort - we brought her home in the back of a
pickup truck. The more I think about it, if I were you, I don't think I would
suggest this one to the wife.

Another name comes to mind, and to quote a famous literary figure - "I'm not
making this up." When I was born, on a Sunday morning, the doctor asked my
Mother, who was still groggy as a result of the gas they used for anesthesia
in those days,

      "So what are you going to name him, 'Sunday Smelser'?"

My mother replied, that, no, she was going to name me "Theophilus".

       "Why" the doctored asked, "are you going to name him 'Theophilus'?"

To which my mother replied, "Because it's The Awfulest looking baby I ever

-Jeff Smelser

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