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>Jonathan wrote:
><< Since my wife EXEI EN GASTRI, I'm wondering about Greek names which sound
> good in English and have interesting meaning. Any suggestions? >>
>DAMALIS sounds nice in English, and does have an interesting meaning.
>However, I'm not sure I'd recommend it in your case. That's what I named a
>little girl my wife gave me before we were married. Perhaps I should explain:
>The little girl was of the bovine sort - we brought her home in the back of a
>pickup truck. The more I think about it, if I were you, I don't think I would
>suggest this one to the wife.

You never did offer a translation of this one, and I think I can understand

>Another name comes to mind, and to quote a famous literary figure - "I'm not
>making this up." When I was born, on a Sunday morning, the doctor asked my
>Mother, who was still groggy as a result of the gas they used for anesthesia
>in those days,
> "So what are you going to name him, 'Sunday Smelser'?"
>My mother replied, that, no, she was going to name me "Theophilus".
> "Why" the doctored asked, "are you going to name him 'Theophilus'?"
>To which my mother replied, "Because it's The Awfulest looking baby I ever
>-Jeff Smelser

ROTFL! (Is there anyone who doesn't know the anagram for "Rolling on the
floor laughing"--I explain it only to avoid having to later).

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