RE: Location of "3rd Aorists" in Smyth

Date: Wed Oct 30 1996 - 18:52:06 EST

Dearest list,

I've been following this thread with interest, but I haven't seen a reply yet
to one of the original questions, namely location of a list of such verbs in
Smyth's _Greek Grammar_. (I may well have skipped over it if it was posted.)
 The list is in par. 687, p. 197. He describes the verbs as "W-verbs" with
"second aorists of the MI form." Also, par. 688 is a list of verbs which are
"3rd aorist" in poetry (esp. in Homer).

Robert Brindle
M.Div. Student
Instructor of NT Greek
Nazarene Theological Seminary
Kansas City, MO

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