The Gospel of Thomas in the larger gnostic tradition

From: Mr. Timothy T. Dickens (
Date: Sun Nov 03 1996 - 13:22:36 EST

Dear Friends at the above scholarly list (and DJ Love),

        I am prsently trying to understand where I can find saying form the
gospel of Thomas in other gnostic writings. I understand from certain New
Testament scholars (e.g., Crossan) that the gospel of Thomas tradition
survived into a larger gnostic tradition much like the hypothetical Q source
(sayings material) survived in Matthew and Luke.

        Since I have the Nag HAmmadi library, can anyone give me any
suggestion on which gnostic gospels to read first to find Thomas sayings?

I appreciate this much!

Tim Dickens
Smyrna GA

PS when replying, please write me back personally since I only receive the
digest of the discussions.

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