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Date: Sun Nov 03 1996 - 14:02:32 EST

>Tim Dickens wrote:
>Dear Friends at B-Greek (and DJ Love),

>I am presently trying to understand where I can find sayings from the
>Gospel of Thomas in other gnostic writings. I understand from certain
>New Testament scholars (e.g., Crossan) that the gospel of Thomas
>tradition survived into a larger gnostic tradition much like the
>hypothetical Q source (sayings material) survived in Matthew and Luke.
> Since I have the Nag Hammadi library, can anyone give me any
>suggestion on which gnostic gospels to read first to find Thomas
>I appreciate this much!


The first rule for dealing with the writings of New Testament scholars
is to check what they say for yourself. It is not at all certain that
'Q' ever existed, or that the phrase "larger gnostic tradition" has any
coherent meaning. Some NT scholars assume that 'Q' existed and say that
Thomas was written before Q', but this may very well be to try and
promote their theories concerning 'Q'. Others say that Thomas was
written at the end of the second century - much later than the synoptic
gospels, but this may very well be to support their preferred solution
to the synoptic problem. Take nothing the scholars say on trust. Find
out for yourself! Any other way is a waste of precious time. KAI

Brian E. Wilson

Brian E. Wilson

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