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From: Paul A. Miller (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1996 - 14:51:44 EST

re: B-Greek & B-Hebrew Archives

Yes, The GRAMCORD Institute has offered to "pick up" the B-Greek and
B-Hebrew archives formerly maintained at the aforementioned site in
Australia. However, as I posted several months ago, it seems that everyone
involved in that project has been understandably tied up with other tasks --
such as professorial duties and completing degrees -- so there has been no
further progress to date. Nevertheless, if someone would like to volunteer
to do the search template programming and set up the automated procedures
for a well-maintained archive, the GRAMCORD Institute would be happy to pay
for the additional FTP space and bandwidth necessary to host such a site (or
even a mirror site).

[Several have volunteered to date but no one has had
the appropriate skills and/or time to follow through. Setting up a quality
archive site is not a trivial task. If one is already being assembled
somewhere, we would be happy to duplicate the site here so that users would
have an alternative location when the main site is busy or slow.]
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