Re: MAKARIOS - I'm confused!?!?!

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Tue Nov 19 1996 - 09:41:28 EST

James H. Vellenga wrote:
> My own preference for an English approximation to MAKARIOS
> is "fortunate". The unfortunate part of using "fortunate"
> is that it often has the implication of "lucky," which I
> don't see as part of the Biblical world view, but it does
> imply "being in an especially good condition," which is
> what MAKARIOS means to me.

        I agree that "fortunate" is the best translation
of the Aramaic TUBIHON. The translation of "Today's English
Version" as "Happy" just doesn't cut it with me.
> As to the significance in the context of the Beatitudes,
> Jesus seems to be turning conventional attitudes on their
> ear:
> "Fortunate [are] the ones [who are] destitute in
> their spirit,
> because theirs is the kingdom of the heavens ...."

        "Poor in Spirit" was also a designation used by
the Assaya (Essenes) and the early Yeshuine Jews/Netzarim.
Sometimes I wonder if Yeshua may not have been referring
to the Essenes and those of similar piety.

Jack Kilmon

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