MAKARIOS - I'm confused!?!?!

From: KULIKOVSKY, Andrew (
Date: Tue Nov 19 1996 - 11:22:24 EST

Fellow Greeks,

I'm preaching on the beatitudes soon and I'm completely
confused by MAKARIOS is this context.

Generally the word MAKARIOS is rendered as "blessed"
or sometimes "happy" according to BAGD.

However, Louw and Nida give "happy" and don't even
mention "blessed" as a possible rendering at all - anywhere!
But this doesn't make sense in the context - a person in
mourning is not a happy person.

NIDNTT and TDNT said the same as BAGD.

In the beattitudes, Ken Wuest translates it as "spiritually

The NIV consistently translates MAKARIOS as "blessed"
in almost every occurrence throughout the NT.

So what the heck does this mean? "blessed" seems to
make the most sense but not according to Louw and Nida.


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