Re: "EF' hWi" in Rom. 5:12

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>Greetings to all. I could use some help on how this phrase might best be
>translated ("because"?, "whereupon?") and therefore how it affects the
>relation of the statements "death passed to all men" and "all sinned".

That is one big question you have put up <g>

As Joseph Fitzmayer remarks, in his Anchor Bible commentary # 33,:
it " has been much debated throughout the centuries", and he then devotes
three pages to discussing the various approaches to it as:
1) a genuine relative clause, with 8 subdivisions devoted to both patristic
and modern interpretation
2) equivalent to a conjunction
3)equivalent of the consecutive conjunction hOSTH

This is a crude summary of a very extensive survey of classical Greek,
patristic, medieval etc, and it would be unfair even to attempt a summary.

Do try and get access to this volume.



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