Turabian format for email citations?

From: KEN LITWAK (KDLITWAK@concentric.net)
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 20:10:35 EST

I've received material via email from a scholar that consist of
his notes to a transaltion committee for decisions regarding revisions
to the book he translated. As such, it is not a publishable work, but
also does not seem to fit the Turabian notion of electronic documents or
unpublsihed materials (it wasn't delivered anywhere and there's no place
you can go for it except his or my C drive). My Turabian manaul, the
sixth edition, knows about URLs but says nothing about email. Does
anyone have a suggestion for an appropriate format for such an animal in
a scholarly paper? Usually in endnotes I strive to follow JBL, and
Turabian in bibliographies, but there's no JBL standard for this and my
software, Procite, doesn't know what to do with email either. It's
quite technical material that could easily be in a commentary on the
original text, so it's scholarly and I just don't see any good category
to put it in. Correspondence does not seem to fit well either, as that
does not accoutn for email. Thanks.

Ken Litwak
Graduate Theological Union
Berserkely, CA

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