Re: Turabian format for email citations?

From: Paul J. Bodin (
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 21:50:47 EST

At 05:10 PM 11/24/96 -0800, KEN LITWAK wrote:
> I've received material via email from a scholar that consist of
> his notes to a transaltion committee for decisions regarding revisions
> to the book he translated. As such, it is not a publishable work, but
> [...]
> to put it in. Correspondence does not seem to fit well either, as that
> does not accoutn for email. Thanks.

Actually, private correspondence is exactly where it fits. Whether the
correspondence is written with ink on paper and delivered via post (or
messenger) or with magnetic encoding on your C: drive via a network is not
relevant: it remains correspondence. The date is even more reliable and
precise than with ink and paper!

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