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>GRAMCORD: This is by far the most powerful Bible study
>system available, and, in my opinion, the most accurate for
>statistical studies. It currently is only available for NT
>but the BHS will be out late Winter 1997 and LXX will be
>added within a month or two after that. It is limited to
>the biblical texts only, with no additional study aids such
>as is provided by the LOGOS system. WIthin the biblical
>text, though it has very powerful and flexible search and
>analysis capacity. You can create reports with a customized
>concordance of the words or phrases you are looking for and
>print them out for review. Or you can easily transfer the
>results of the search and analysis to word processors for
>writing. This has recently been upgraded to windows from a
>DOS platform and is now much more "user friendly" than in
>the DOS version.

But note that Gramcord uses the Bible Companion Software framework, and you
can buy other study aids for it or simply buy the teacher's edition, which
comes with many aids. This is what I use. The most useful aid for me is the
online grammar notes, which is sort of like a help system for interpreting
Greek syntax.

I have 21 Bible translations, 15 commentaries, 4 lexicons, and 9 "topics",
which all came with the Teacher's Edition. Unfortunately, the BAGD and
Louw/Nida lexicons are not on this CD.


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