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Date: Tue Nov 26 1996 - 12:11:09 EST

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, wrote:
>For some time I've looked around to find some good software
that allows more
>sophisticated work with the GNT (and the BHS). I've
stumbled on four
>packages: Logos 2.0, BibleWorks, BibleWindows and Gramcord.
Does anyone have
>experience with one or more of these products and could
recommend what is the
>best option. As a graduate student more than ten years ago
I used an ancient
>version of Gramcord (with 8 inch disks and hours to wait
for a search to
>complete). Hoping for some good ideas
>In Christ
>E.H. Norbert Schmidt, Tabor Seminary, Germany

I have experience with 3 of the four you have found, plus

LOGOS - I am a dealer and sell this at deep discount. See
my webiste at LOGOS is
quite strong on the NT side but has only BHS and a few
grammatical aids on the OT side. The main strength of LOGOS
is that it comes with an extensive library of additional
bible study aids and literature on the CD. (about 100
titles on first CD with 2 additional CD's available with
more titles). They are developing more titles all the time,
adding more libaray capacity. For example, they are just
now releasing the entire 38 volumes of the Early CHurch
Fathers on their system. The main attraction to LOGOS is
that you will eventually be able to have a very extensive
bible study library on CD to use instead of having a large
bookshelf occupied by your library.

BIBLE WINDOWS: I own this software and find it very
powerful in the NT and OT original languages. I especially
like the interlinear function that allows you, with one
click, to bring up a four line interlinear giving the
parsing, the lemma and a one word English meaning. It has
excellent search features. The main weakness to me in this
version is that it is limited to the bible texts and the
built in language tools. It does have several modern
language translations to use with it for those who would
like to work with the other modern languages.

GRAMCORD: This is by far the most powerful Bible study
system available, and, in my opinion, the most accurate for
statistical studies. It currently is only available for NT
but the BHS will be out late Winter 1997 and LXX will be
added within a month or two after that. It is limited to
the biblical texts only, with no additional study aids such
as is provided by the LOGOS system. WIthin the biblical
text, though it has very powerful and flexible search and
analysis capacity. You can create reports with a customized
concordance of the words or phrases you are looking for and
print them out for review. Or you can easily transfer the
results of the search and analysis to word processors for
writing. This has recently been upgraded to windows from a
DOS platform and is now much more "user friendly" than in
the DOS version.

One reason it is taking so long to get the BHS & LXX in
Gramcord is that they are carfully reviewing, proofing and
correcting all of the gramatical tags in the Westminster BHS
& LXX. WHen it is completed, it should provide a much more
accurate statistical data base for accurate analysis.

Also, Gramcord offers a system for the Macintosh called
ACCORDANCE. This is even more powerful than the Gramcord
system for IBM machines and already has OT and LXX


Each system has its value. For those really serious about
original language study, the Gramcord is, in my opinion the
best. For those wanting a very user friendly OT BHS & LXX
text, right now the BIBLE WINDOWS is probably best. For
those wanting a complete library of tools such as theology
books, church history, language aids, devotionals, etc.,
that can be searched and utilized, the LOGOS system is best.

Hope this helps.

Paul Lorenzen
Instructor of New Testament Greek
Northern Sierra Bible Institute
Carson City, Nevada


Paul Lorenzen -- Sparks, Nevada -- Email -

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