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From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1996 - 01:54:56 EST

Ken Litwak wrote;
>I would like to second Gregory's comments. That in spite of the fact
>that I make muy living as a Windoze programmer. It seem sodd to me to
>be lerning how to do things in Windows 95 that Mac programmers have
>beendoing for years.

This string is a bit afield from Greek, but if it helps some decide on
programs for studying Greek, then it can be useful. I would just say that
it does not matter to me what platform anyone uses. I find communication
to be quite adequate. I would hope that someday we might all use a Greek
font that has the same keyboard layout or develop a conversion program so
that we could transform any asci code into an usable Greek font.

I would also add that with Mac Clones cost between the two platforms is no
longer a problem (16 megabytes @ 160 megaherz and 1.6 gigabytes storage for
about $1500). I would also say that I can get a program to do anything on
a Mac that anyone else can do on DOS and I can get it by overnight mail or
I can download many from the Internet.

I promise that I will comment no more on this subject, but I think that
anyone considering such an investment would want to get beyond the sales
pitch of some computer salesperson. Ken Litwak is the sort of person that
anyone should consult with. He has a programmer's knowledge. I learned to
program, but only in C.

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