Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

From: Gregory Bloomquist 3027 (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1996 - 13:49:20 EST

I appreciate Mark's added information here. I am in no position to
judge the ultimate value of the Win Gramcord product, but I did have
the presenter do some basic searches on the product at the recent
AAR/SBL and found that it was unable to do the basic search that I

Now, you will need to ask the Gramcord people about this, since it
may have been that the presenter wasn't clear about how to do the
search or that I misunderstood the results. But I do know that the
product is still under development. I wish that I had had time to
hang around and hear the answer that the developers gave to the
presenter, but I did not.

I in no way wish to cast doubts on the potential of Gramcord for Win
95 -- and I must admit that there were very interesting features
there! -- but from what I saw, I, for one, was unwilling to invest
at this time in the product. Again, please do not rely on this
testimony as any kind of final word, but it does corroborate what
others have said to this point.

If anything, such comments should spur Gramcord to put more energy
behind a better Win product, given the huge numbers of users out
there and the fact that people like myself are indeed looking for
just such a product in the Win95/WinNT platform.

Theology, Saint Paul University / University of Ottawa

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