Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1996 - 17:39:48 EST

At 05:23 PM 11/30/96 EDT, Gregory Bloomquist 3027 wrote:
>> I just performed the same search on the GNT using Bible Windows, allowing
>> for four words between POLUS and the dative form (any dative form). In less
>> than a minute it found 97 occurrences, one of which was the Heb. 5:11
>> phrase. Of course, many were prepositional phrases...
>Thanks, Paul, for that confirmation. While the Gramcord didn't take
>that long to pull up the hits, BW found at least 70 more than

If you are using my results as the basis for that, remember that Paul
used different settings: he allowed a 4 word spread between POLUS and
the dative form, and probably didn't specify order. I used a more
restrictive search.


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