Re: John 6:70 - DIABOLOS and Colwell/ Harner/ Dixon

From: Paul Dixon - Ladd Hill Bible Church (
Date: Thu Jan 02 1997 - 00:48:51 EST


My thesis, "The Significance of the Anarthrous Predicate Nominative in
John" contains statistical analysis in the appendix. The thesis has been
referenced (Wallace's recent grammar), but has not been published. You
might check another response just posted to the b-Greek list for a
summation of my results. If more details are desired, let me know. I
have had numerous requests and/or responses, so may yet seek publication
(after 20 years - sigh).

Paul S. Dixon, pastor
Ladd Hill Bible Church
Wilsonville, Oregon

On Tue, 31 Dec 1996, Alan Repurk wrote:

> Does anyone know if the actual data points and calculations
> used in any of these statistical analysis has been published ?
> Sincerely,
> -lars

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