Re: John 6:70 - DIABOLOS and Colwell/ Harner/ Dixon

From: Alan Repurk (
Date: Thu Jan 02 1997 - 12:28:48 EST

> Alan:
> My thesis, "The Significance of the Anarthrous Predicate Nominative in
> John" contains statistical analysis in the appendix. The thesis has been
> referenced (Wallace's recent grammar), but has not been published. You
> might check another response just posted to the b-Greek list for a
> summation of my results. If more details are desired, let me know. I
> have had numerous requests and/or responses, so may yet seek publication
> (after 20 years - sigh).
> Paul S. Dixon, pastor
> Ladd Hill Bible Church
> Wilsonville, Oregon

Paul, I could generate a list of all anarthrous predicate nominatives
fairly easily, but I am very interested in the assignments as to
definite,indefinite and qualitative. I noticed that you mention just
three occurences where in the anarthrous construction preceded by
the verb (3/53) it is not qualitative. If I might be so bold as to
ask, which three ?


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