I Cor. 12:31 MEIZONA

From: Mike Adams (adtech@sprynet.com)
Date: Mon Jan 06 1997 - 10:42:56 EST

Hello from a far-away place not heard from oft!

To fill you in, the pastor of our church rather suddenly moved to Kansas
City, MO, leaving the charge of the flock to my husband and me as senior
pastors, and the youth leaders as associate pastors. In deference, we yield
the pulpit fairly regularly to the associate pastors. Bill has an excellent
presence and speaking ability, but regrettably has not as strong a
background in Biblical studies as might be desired.

In offering Bill the platform, Mike and I also have the responsibility of
GENTLY informing him when we feel error has been presented. Case in point:
In speaking on spiritual gifts from I Corinthians 12, he cited verse 31,
which in the Greek reads ZHLOUTE DE TA CARISMATA TA MEIZONA, stating that
"greater gifts" indicates that there is a hierarchy of gifts. He suggested
further that the gifts, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, etc. were listed
in order from greatest to least. This, I suppose, is a possible
interpretation, but with us it does not "sit right". If there is adequate
evidence to support his claim, we, of course, will say nothing to him. We
would immensely appreciate your input regarding this.

As for me, I have always considered "greater" "MEIZONA" to mean that which
is most important at the moment. It is a simplistic interpretation, but if
someone is sick, healing might be a "greater" gift to manifest than, for
instance, a word of wisdom.

I know this is off topic, and far more a matter of exegesis than pure
Greek, but humor me please. I don't plague you with questions very often.


Ellen Adams
WellSpring Fellowship
Sheridan, Colorado

(Hey, at least I finally have something to put in my signature line besides
"Wife of Mike" ;^) )

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