Re: I Cor. 12:31 MEIZONA

From: Mike Adams (
Date: Mon Jan 06 1997 - 11:59:03 EST

> The verb ZHLOUTE can be grammatically
> parsed to either be a
> a. present - active - imperative
> or
> b. present - active - indicative
> If a, then it is a command.
> If b, then it is just a statement of fact.
> If b, then it is just a statement of fact
> which is more of an ironic rebuke from Paul by saying
> that the Corinthian persons were too
> pre-occupied with seeking spectacular
> spiritual gifts for themselves.

Whipping out my handy Friberg, I see: VIPA or VMPA. hmm. Didn't even think
of looking at ZHLOUTE, but it seems to create a smoother transition to the
second part of the verse and to the next chapter.

hmm. Definitely something to think about. Thanks!!!

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