Re: Controlling Greek syntax (was Jonah 1:3 TOU FUGEIN)

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 06:52:47 EST

Jonathan Robie wrote;
>There *is* one thing I'm not so sure about: something deep inside me wonders
>if memorizing tables is adequate for teaching parsing skills. I'm sure that
>I need to memorize these tables, but then I need additional practice. I've
>found it extremely helpful to read passages and mark them up for syntax,
>comparing notes with my grammars. I'm trying to find other kinds of practice
>that actually make me parse things.
You seem to me to be past what my first year students are for one thing.
The other is that I am a firm believer in encountering forms in context.
That's the reason we set out to do the Morphology (finished in 1994 not
1964). Second year students could translate and use appendix one to
understand what they did not recognize. It leads to chapter VIII where
students can see the verb that gave them trouble in is all its NT forms
with references to the full conjugation of a verb of that type.

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