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From: Mike Adams (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 09:13:16 EST

> From: Andrew Kulikovsky <>
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> Subject: greek fonts and email
> Date: Thursday, January 16, 1997 1:58 AM
> Fellow Greeks,
> Even if we all had the same fonts and agreed on a transliteration scheme
> it would still not be possible to read greek fonts in our email.
> We would still have to cut and paste into a word processor and change
> fonts which is more trouble than its worth.
> Maybe we should all send requests to Netscape asking them to write a
> mail browser that implements font replacement for HTML tags. In fact why
> haven't they done it all ready - how hard can it be!
> Now that would make everything much easier!
> cheers,
> Andrew

I'm not sure what Paul Evans did on his end. I do know, however, that his
Greek text came up as Greek text in my reader when I first brought it in.
(However, in my reply which I posted to B-greek, it appeared in the
default font.) It seems that if the poster takes the effort to assign the
all of the recipients with compatible capabilities automatically read it in
that font.

My husband found a TTF site on the Web. It would be possible to
reassign the character map for an existing Greek font to conform to an
already existent transliteration scheme, and to title this font B-Greek.
It wouldn't support all the accenting capabilities, but it would be easily
readible regardless of platform.

Ellen Adams

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