Archives back to 1992! Thanks, Per Baekgaard!

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 16:50:17 EST

The B-Greek archives now go all the way back to 1992! Per Baekgaard has
provided me with his archives, and they are now converted for your browsing
pleasure. I had a few problems, so I took some shortcuts:

1. For some reason, hypermail is crashing on a lot of the older messages, so
I used MHonArc for the older archives.

2. Because the full-text indexing program is S-L-O-W, I haven't yet
integrated indexing so that the older messages are also indexed.

3. Some of the messages are in digests, especially between 1994 and 1996. I
will eventually get around to bursting the digests, but only when I feel
like it...

Happy browsing!


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