Re: Archives back to 1992! Thanks, Per Baekgaard!

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 10:23:56 EST

I enjoyed seeing the early traffic, since I'm a relative newcomer here. For
trivia buffs, it was kind of fun looking at David Marotta's list of NT-Greek
members in 1992. David was there, so were Edward Hobbs, Mari Olsen, Vincent
Broman, and many others who are still quite active here. I've noticed that
some things never change - John 8:58 keeps coming up, we've always had an
occasional spam message, there has always been insightful and edifying
discussion and a few flames. In the early days, there were occasional
messages concerned about the lack of activity. Now *that* has changed!

At 08:10 AM 1/21/97 -0600, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

>Now, I believe the only big lacuna that needs to be filled is the first
>half of 1996. Although I have an archive including that, my attempts to
>send it to Jonathan in a file he could convert to HTML were unsuccessful.
>Rather than sending out a call immediately for volunteers, perhaps it would
>be better to let Jonathan describe exactly what's wanted in terms of format
>and inclusive dating and then have volunteers write him for screening.

Actually, I think that only June and July of '96 are missing, and I have
those messages, they just happen to crash hypermail. I think I'll be lazy
and convert them with MHonArc later. The early messsages also crashed
Hypermail, but MHonArc converted them over like a champ.

Early 1996 is in the archives that I posted, but in digest form.

If someone out there knows Perl, it would be helpful to have a script that
breaks apart the digests. I don't know Perl. I might be willing to play with
this sometime, but not right now. I guess I could download it to my PC and
just use CodeWright macros to break it apart. If I don't hear from someone,
I'll do that eventually.

>Hopefully this will not flood him with unwanted e-mail, but I doubt that
>many maintain complete archives of B-Greek stuff--once I'm confident of the
>security of web archives for B-Greek I'll quickly erase a huge block from
>my hard drive.

I hope I don't start getting hate mail from Seagate ;->


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