Eph 1:17-18

From: FRED HALTOM (haltom@cbcag.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 16:24:32 EST

Dale Wheeler wrote:
As to your statement, "Nothing could be clearer grammer (I assume this
was a typo for "grammar").", I obviously disagree. In teaching the
book of Ephesian as a Greek Exegesis course virtually every year for
the past 15 years, I've discovered that there are AT LEAST 6 different
ways this construction has been taken by GREEK commentators over the
past 100+ years (to mention a few):

1) Acc Abs: Eadie, Barth, Salmond, Hendrickson, Simpson, prob
Robt WordPict, Bengel (?); prob. KJV, RSV, Phillips, NRSV.

2) Substantival in Apposition to hUMIN (anticipating hUMAS of v 18b):
Robt WP (?), RSV ?, Phillips ?

3) Circumstantial of Result, with an anacoluthon of case to hUMIN:
Ellicott, Meyer, Alford (?), Westcott (?)

4) Circumstantial of Cause, with an anacoluthon of case to hUMIN:
Lincoln, prob Alford, prob Westcott, Robinson (?), NRSV (?)

5) Apposition to PNEUMA: Abbott, Bengel(?), BAGD (?); TEV, NIV, LB,

6) Second Predicate to DWHi: Gaugler, versions for #4 (?)

Options 1 and 4 are very close in their sense of the meaning of the
passage. I'd also note that the bulk of Greek commentators HAVE NOT
chosen option 5 or 6, though it appears that the modern translators
have (except NRSV, which adopts either 1 or 4)...I suspect because of
the comments of BAGD.

BTW, if anyone is really interested in chasing this issue, esp., the
Acc Abs part of it, there are some marvelous references to older works
which have discussed this in detail throughout the history of Greek,
in the commentaries of Ellicott, Alford, and Eadie.

I think I'll follow Carl's example and abstain from the Absolute
discussion... for the time being... (-:


Thank you for the summary of the views on this verse. Your "feel" for the passge and mine are obviously
different. And yes, typos abound due to the 9 point font I use.
Pardon. Yes, this is a dead horse and I'll not beat it anymore.


Fred Haltom
Associate Prof of Christian Ministries
Central Bible College

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