Matt 23:23

From: Dieter Bosnjakovic (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 06:05:47 EST

Hello to b-greek people,

I am a lurker who has been scurrying around the table picking up the
understandable scraps that have fallen onto the floor. I have little
understanding of the greek grammar so I do not know whether the
questions I wish to ask are simplistic or profound or somewhere in

I wish to find out more about Matt 23:23.

1. Why is KRISIN here translated 'justice' (NASB) when in almost all
other locations it is translated 'judgement' (NASB)? And why not '"the"
judgement' as the greek appears to have it. Has this been a contextual
decision or grammatical decision?

2. Why do some translators end the verse with the inclusion of the word
"other" as in "other undone" as I can see no greek word for this
inclusion? When they include the word "other", either because of
grammar or context, is it meant to give weight to the fact that the
Pharisees were doing right to tithe on the mint, dill and cummin, and
that they should have been doing it with the weightier matters in mind?

If the matter I have raised is too simplistic just let me know and I
will retreat to lurking once more, in any case, thank you for your time.

"Trying to live by every word but finding that sometimes the words get
in the way."

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