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Subj: RE: Where do I buy a Greek NT?

Rodney Decker has given the best source for Greek and Hebrew texts of the
Bible--both because they (and their German allies) are the publishers, and
because they sell them at "wholesale"--i.e., you pay the same price
bookstores do, and bookstores mark the price up.

Alas, alas! The prices are significantly higher (more than 40% increase)
than the prices Rod cites (he has given the prices from early last year).

The UBS "Greek New Testament" [4th ed.] is now $29.95.
Its new order number is AGP104885.

With Newman's little Greek-English Dictionary bound in, it is $33.95.
        (Dangerous! Beware of this lexicon. See archives for
         extended discussion of it a few years back.)
Order number is now AGP 104887.

The Nestle-Aland "Novum Testamentum Graece" [27th ed.] is now also $29.95.
Its new order number is AGP105388.

N-A is now in a larger page-format, and newly type-set; but it is still a
smaller type-face than the UBS edition. Both have exactly the same text
now; but the apparatus is quite differently conceived. UBS is easier for
beginners to use; N-A has more information, but highly condensed in form.

Shipping charges are low: $3.00 up to $50 order, $4.50 to $100, and if you
order over $100 at a time, shipping is free!

Edward Hobbs

------------Rod's message---------------------------------------

Subj: RE: Where do I buy a Greek NT?

In the US, go direct to the source that all bookstores get them:

American Bible Society
US: 1-800-322-4253

The Greek NT (the "UBS text," aka, "The red text"),
     item #ABI 104885 $21.00
The same, bound with a brief dictionary,
     #ABI 104887 $26.00

Or if you want the more technical edition:

Novum Testamentum Graece (the "Nestle-Aland text," aka, "the blue text"),
     #ABI 105388 $21.00

Ask them to also send a copy of their "Catalog of Scholarly Publications";
it contains a large number of good resources at the same prices which they
sell them to the bookstores.

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