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Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 14:51:59 EST

>From: LUCY::EHOBBS "Edward Hobbs" 22-JAN-1997 11:55:17.10

>Alas, alas! The prices are significantly higher (more than 40% increase)
>than the prices Rod cites (he has given the prices from early last year).
>The UBS "Greek New Testament" [4th ed.] is now $29.95.
>Its new order number is AGP104885.
>With Newman's little Greek-English Dictionary bound in, it is $33.95.
> (Dangerous! Beware of this lexicon. See archives for
> extended discussion of it a few years back.)
>Order number is now AGP 104887.
>The Nestle-Aland "Novum Testamentum Graece" [27th ed.] is now also $29.95.
>Its new order number is AGP105388.
>N-A is now in a larger page-format, and newly type-set; but it is still a
>smaller type-face than the UBS edition. Both have exactly the same text
>now; but the apparatus is quite differently conceived. UBS is easier for
>beginners to use; N-A has more information, but highly condensed in form.
>Shipping charges are low: $3.00 up to $50 order, $4.50 to $100, and if you
>order over $100 at a time, shipping is free!
>Edward Hobbs

One of my friends at ABS suggested in New Orleans that we should all write
to the president of the ABS and protest these price rises as discouraging
scholarly study of the the Bible in its original languages.

Good ideaq!

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