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Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 10:48:44 EST

At 11:06 AM 1/23/97 -0800, Mike Luper wrote:
>I was wondering what those on the list might have to say regarding the
>common or "unmarked" order of words in Greek sentences--both Classical
>and Koine. I entered into a discussion of this topic with my Advanced
>Greek class based upon the information in Young's grammar. He asserts
>that the basic order of words in sentences not containing linking verbs
>is verb-subject-object, while sentences with linking verbs generally
>follow the pattern verb-subject-compliment (pp. 214-18).

For people who are interested in discourse analysis and the GNT, I would

Discourse features of New Testament Greek: A coursebook Stephen H. Levinsohn.

In this volume, Levinsohn presents the results of his study of the Greek
New Testament as discourse--study he did "from the position of descriptive
linguistics." He makes the further statement: "Indeed, I have
approached the Greek text just as I would a text in any other language of
the world, using the same principles of discourse analysis" (7).
1992 222 pp. ISBN: 0-88312-274-X (paper) $9.50 (mf) $16.00 Dallas

I have an earlier version of this entitled _Teach Yourself Greek Discourse_
which was presented at a seminar on Greek Discourse at SIL. I think that
some of the other papers from the seminar were also collected and published.

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