Analytical Lexicon

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 21:59:51 EST

Bill Mounce personally commented on this (in response to some comments I
made about Perschbacher's lexicon) a couple years ago on this list and
explained how his Analytical Lexicon (Zondervan) compared with
Perschbacher's. Mounce's has, per his statement, been thoroughly
proofread several times by his students (vs. mistakes they found in
Perschbacher's). Being keyed to Mounce's Morphology book may also make
his Analytical Lexicon more useful in the long run. Perschbacher's I
think includes N-A/UBS variants vocabulary - Mounce I think only
includes the UBS text - a minor issue, in my opinion. Perschbacher is
probably about $8 cheaper through CBD than Mounce - the only other thing
in its favor. Since accuracy, in my opinion, is paramount in such a
tool, I would forego Perschbacher in favor of Mounce considering Bill's
comments in this area. Be forewarned: You'll find a stern warning in
Mounce against first-year Greek students using an Analytical Lexicon
lest it become a crutch!

"Eric S. Weiss"

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