RE: Parable Or Eschatological Discourse

Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 07:55:05 EST

Carl Conrad asked:

< (3) It also occurs to me to raise again more seriously my not very
serious question of my earlier post: IS this a parable, or IS it in
fact straightforward apocalyptic eschatological exposition?>

It seems best to label this text a "straightforward apocalyptic
eschatological exposition, especially in light of the Matthean practice of
introducing parables. For example:

     A. Matt. 21:33--Allnv parablonv akousate
     B. Matt. 22:1--Kai apokpiQeis o Insous palin eipen en parabolais . . .
     C. Matt. 24:32--Apo de tns sukns maQete tnv parabolnv

Other phrases which indicate parabolic material include phrases that compare
the kingdom of heaven to something. Examples of this are:

     A. Matt. 18:23--Dia touto wmoiwQn n basileia twv ouravwv. . .
     B. Matt. 25:1--Tote omoiwQnsetai n basileia twv ouravwv . . .

Even though there are examples of parabolic material located within the
escatological discouse not introduced in either of the preceding ways (cf.
Matt. 25:14ff.), this is in the minority. It seems best to not label Matthew
25:31ff a parable.

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