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>I'm sorry, but you don't get off so easily. You've got to deal with
>this central fact: the unifying thread in all this is the darkening of
>sun and the moon 1) immediately after the great trib has run its course
>(Mt 24:29), 2) before the day of the Lord starts (Joel 2:28-31), 3)
>the Lord returns and gathers us together (Mt 24:30-31; 2 Thess 2:1-3).
>This might not jive with what you believe, but you've got to deal with

Hope I don't really start something, but Jesus seems to be answering two
questions asked by his disciples in Matthew 24. Immediately after Jesus
speaks of the temple stones not being lesft on one another, they ask:

1) When will this happen?

2) What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age? (NIV)
(what will be the sign they are about to take place?) Luke
(what will be the sign that they are all about to be fulfilled?) Mark

The questions refer to what Jesus just referred to. The temple,
Jerusalem. Not the parousia of Christ, but A.D. 70. The whole chapter.
The language borrowed from Isaiah is judgment language, not literal.
Normally we try to say that verse 36 points to another day. How? The
parallel of Luke 21 has all the things happening on the same day. Mark's
gospel has Jesus working up to this since chapter 11. The fig tree, the
parable of the tenants, etc. The Jews were to be judged in the
destruction of Jerusalem for rejecting Jesus as the Messiah.
Anyway, I do not have time to really persue this. This might be
worthwhile to some.

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