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Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 06:04:45 EST

Dear John,

You wrote recently:

>The expression "present truth" is found once in the KJV in 2 Pet 1:12 and I
have heard all kinds of unusual interpretations of the passage, especially
in the sense of a truth which is specifically for our 20 century. But the
>Greek doesn't seem to say anything like that. The Greek reads: EN THi
>PAROUSHi ALHQEIAi, in the truth which is present with you. The NRSV for
>example, reads, "in the truth that has come to you;" a modern German
>translation has, "in the truth that is with you (among you)"; and a modern
>French, has it even clearer (of course!), "in the truth which you have
>received." etc

I didn't check out all the French modern French translations, but in a
credible one (and modern), i. e. _Oecumenical Tanslation of the Bible_, you
can read: "et que vous demeuriez fermes dans la verite presente", i. e., "in
the present truth".

Hope this helps,

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