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From: John Oaklands (
Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 13:56:58 EST

The expression "present truth" is found once in the KJV in 2 Pet 1:12 and I
have heard all kinds of unusual interpretations of the passage, especially
in the sense of a truth which is specifically for our 20 century. But the
Greek doesn't seem to say anything like that. The Greek reads: EN THi
PAROUSHi ALHQEIAi, in the truth which is present with you. The NRSV for
example, reads, "in the truth that has come to you;" a modern German
translation has, "in the truth that is with you (among you)"; and a modern
French, has it even clearer (of course!), "in the truth which you have
received." Anyone have anything of value on this? I think this is a real
case for the value of knowing the Greek as against merely reading
translations, which at times can be confusing.

I was recently introduced to a young school teacher (a teacher who was
young!)and the word "Greek" was in there. So I asked if he were Greek. He
said that he was not but that he had studied koine Greek. His reason for
doing so seemed noble to me. He was never sure of interpretations based on
the Enflish and decided that the only way for him to be more secure with the
biblical text was to study the Greek. He discovered that interpretations of
the English text were infrequently incorrect, as would seem to be the case
with 2 Pet 1:12, what think ye?

John Oaklands

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