Re: tc-list On-line image of P.Oxy. LVI 4499

From: Stephen C. Carlson (
Date: Wed Jan 01 1997 - 00:13:31 EST

At 02:45 PM 12/16/99 +0000, Ben Crick wrote:
> In my printed modern-Greek Bible, the numeral 6 (Stigma) is exactly like
> an English capital S, with the top half somewhat larger than the bottom
> half. There is a diacritical mark like an apostrophe ' immediately after
> it, thus: S' ("Ess-dashed"). The ' indicates that it is a numeral, not
> a letter.

Thank you for your remarks. I was more interested, however, in what an
uncial stigma is upposed to look like, but the stigma in the P.Oxy. LXVI
4499 MS looks indistiguishable from an uncial sigma.

Stephen Carlson

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