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Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 17:46:07 EST


> Are there any free Greek programs or shareware on the market? I need the
> Greek New Testament on computer, but can't really afford to buy any
> programs.(UBS)

There are at least two programs that you can download for free which include
the Textus Receptus, but I don't think there are any free software programs
which include UBS, since the Bible Societies get money for that.

You can download either of these for free:

        Online Bible (
        Bible Companion Starter Edition (

The latter, incidentally, is the same Windows engine used for Gramcord, so
if you want to start with something that is free and expand it gradually, it
will grow with you. You could also add just the UBS text to either Online
Bible or Bible Companion for a reasonable price if Textus Receptus is not
good enough for your needs.

If the search capabilities are what you want, the above two programs are the
ticket. If you want to be able to work with the text, have parsings, etc.,
and are willing to do some work in the formatting, you might want to
download the text for the UBS, which is available in several editions. Here
are two web sites which will allow you to get various editions of the Greek
New Testament:

Hope this helps!


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