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<< Are there any free Greek programs or shareware on the market? I need the
 Greek New Testament on computer, but can't really afford to buy any
 programs.(UBS) >>

There is a Greek drill program that is based on LEXICAL AIDS FOR STUDENTS OF
NEW TESTAMENT GREEK by Bruce Metzger. I downloaded it from the files on AOL.
It is a nice program, containing all of the vocabulary of the Greek New
Testament, however it does not have accents. What follows are the writers own

"QuickMem Greek 1.0

QuickMem is provided freely for
those who wish to accelerate their
study of New Testament Greek.
The frequency lists and word
definitions are from Bruce M.
Metzger’s Lexical Aids for
Students of New Testament
Greek (used with permission). I
highly recommend you use this
book in conjunction with
QuickMem. It contains much
more than what I have included
here (including such things as
accents, mnemonic aids,
declensions, preposition charts,
etc.) Dr. Metzger’s book also
contains a second part (not
included in QuickMem) listing
New Testament words according
to their root. It may be obtained
by writing to:

        Theological Book Agency
        Princeton Theological Seminary
        P.O. Box 821
        Princeton, NJ 08542

Please do not modify QuickMem
in any way or use parts of it within
your own programs. It is
copyrighted even though you are
not required to pay for it.

I only wish I had a program such
as this when I was in college
studying Greek. It would have
saved me time and humiliation.
Therefore, I want to make this
program available to everyone
without charge (Matthew 6:20).
However, if you would like to
send a gift (or even a letter) of
appreciation (like a new C++
compiler, computer hardware,
cash, etc.) I would not turn it
away (and it probably would help
me convince my wife that I need
to spend more time learning to

Please, if you do find any bugs or
typographical errors please let me
know so that they can be

Darren Twa
19814 55th Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98155"

I have found it very helpful, and will be glad to forward a copy if desired.



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