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On Thu, 06 Feb 1997 08:55:43 -0800 "Dale M. Wheeler"
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>BTW, doesn't Wallace have a lengthy discussion about 2Tim 3:16 in his
>Grammar; mine is not at hand, but that was the topic of his Master's
>and I thought it was covered in the Grammar under the discussion of
>article and probably the G-S construction...

Interesting that you should mention this, because I remembered him
writing about this somewhere else (I thought). Anyway, Wallace has the
following comment in his Grammar (p. 253, n. 99):

"The issue of the translation of PAS + noun as 'every [noun]' or 'all/the
whole [noun]' will not be taken up here in any detail. Suffice it to say
that 'all/the whole [noun]' is exampled in biblical literature for the
anarthrous construction (cf., eg., 1 Chron 28:8; Amos 3:1; Matt 3:15;
Acts 1:21), thus permitting such a translation in Eph 2:21; 3:15; and 2
Tim 3:16. Cf. Moule *Idiom Book*, 94-95."



PS: What I really want to know is whether *exampled* is really an
English word?! ;-)
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