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Date: Fri Feb 07 1997 - 09:51:21 EST

On Feb 6, Dale Wheeler wrote:

>BTW, doesn't Wallace have a lengthy
>discussion about 2Tim 3:16 in his Grammar; mine is not at hand, but
>that was the topic of his Master's Thesis and I thought it was
>covered in the Grammar under the discussion of the article and
>probably the G-S construction...

On Feb 7 Mark O'Brien further commented:

>Interesting that you should mention this, because I remembered him
>writing about this somewhere else (I thought). Anyway, Wallace has
>the following comment in his Grammar (p. 253, n. 99):

I also thought Wallace wrote something else on this passage.
Wallace does discuss the passage for @ 1 whole page in the 4th ed. of
his class notes (1981). Perhaps this is the material from Wallace to
which Mark refers. If it would be beneficial, I may be persuaded to
summarize or scan the page & post it this weekend :-)

        There is a journal article in BibSac which provides a few details
that may be helpful. It is from an early date, Pauline-authorship

 Biblical Inspiration in 2 Timothy 3:16 -- Vol 137 #545 -- Jan 1980
--by H. Wayne House

Glenn L. Weaver (

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