The "Carpenter" of Mark 6:3

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> Any insight on whether the Greek word translated "carpenter" in Mark 6:3
> really refers to a woodworker? Someone told me awhile back that the literal
> translation was "stone worker", and I'd like to know if there's any
> linguistic backing to that claim. (I've never studied Greek.)

Louw and Nida give the following definition:

TEKTWN: one who uses various materials (wood, stone, and metal) in building
- 'builder, carpenter.' OUX hOUTOS ESTIN hO TOU TEKTONOS hUIOS; 'isn't he
the carpenter's son?' Mt 13:55. There is every reason to believe that in
biblical times one who was regarded as a TEKTWN would be skilled in the use
of wood and stone and possibly even metal.


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