Re: Eph 2:8, Antecedent to TOUTO

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 06:59:07 EST

At 7:34 PM -0600 2/11/97, Tim Kuns wrote:
>What is the antecedent to the TOUTO (neuter) in Eph 2:8?
>Is it referring to the idea of SWTHRION (neut. salvation, saving power)
>implied by the SESWSMENOI in the preceeding phrase? To paraphrase then:
>"for it is by grace you are being saved through faith, and this
>(salvation) is not of yourselves..."

This is the usual understanding--that TOUTO refers to the previous clause.
NOTE however that SESWSMENOI ESTE is not present tense but PERFECT PASSIVE:
"you HAVE BEEN SAVED." This is another of those neat little indicators of
the paradox of divine initiative and human response.

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