Re: Eph 2:8, Antecedent to TOUTO

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 14:35:20 EST

At 1:45 PM -0600 2/12/97, Tim Kuns wrote:
>Dear Carl,
>Thanks for your clear and concise answer to my question.

You're most welcome.

>BTW, did I use the proper address ( for my
>post? My understanding is that some of the recipients receive posts in
>real time, whereas others like myself receive only the digest. Is there
>an address for the digest only so that members like you who receive
>these posts as they are sent don't get inundated by e-mail?

Well, on checking back to it I see that you did, in fact, address it to the digest; I think, however, that anything incoming goes out immediately to those who are on the real-time schedule--or else I wouldn't have gotten it this morning--or, I see that you sent it last night at what must have been after 9 central time, and I didn't check my mail again until this morning. So, I don't really think it matters much--perhaps you'll get some more answers from people who won't see your post until it's in the digest--or perhaps not. At any rate, it appears to get into the mainstream as soon as you post it to, nothing to worry about.

Regards, cwc

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