Re: Cohortative Subjunctive and verbal aspect

From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Fri Feb 14 1997 - 16:08:07 EST

>However, James Efrid refers to this usage of the 1st person plural
>subjunctive as "cothortative" in A Grammar for NT Greek (Abingdon, 1990), p.
>51. Also Voelz in Fundamental Greek Grammar (Concordia, 1986), p. 188.
> Nigel Turner's Grammar of NT Greek in 1963 refers to it as the "Hortative"
>and Winer in the 19th century refers to it as the "adhortative." A. T.
>Robertson labeled it "volitive."
>I consulted with my supervisor at Denver Seminary, Dr. Craig Blomberg. As
>far as we can figure, I "caught it" from him. He also traced the usage to
>Doug Moo in his Trinity class notes.
>I think it stuck with me as a preference because the "co" expresses the 1st
>person plural, and I liked the alliteration.


I think that the use of cohortative may go back to the use of the term in
German (continental?) works on Greek grammar. At least, that's what my
memory tells me; I cannot check this out from my office, since the German
language grammars are all at home.

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