Wenham's NT Greek tutor; WAS First year Greek grammars and workbooks

From: David McKay (musichouse@onaustralia.com.au)
Date: Sun Feb 16 1997 - 21:59:49 EST

17th Feb
Like some others on the list, we used Wenham in first year, 20 years ago,
and Jay in second year. In 4th year we used Dana and Mantey for serious,
advanced stuff!

Over the intervening years (which have gone blindingly fast!) I have looked
at and/or used lots of others. I think Wenham was a good introduction,
because it was simple. I think I might have baulked at accents!

Although there are are a few errors in it, I find Hildebrandt's Greek Tutor
CD ROM (think it's only available for IBM) very useful.
I like the way you can do things over and over. I don't like the way the
drills always come out in the same order. And the program sometimes doesn't
recognise the correct answer, which cna be frustrating, if you were sure
you should have got a perfect score!

David McKay

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