Re: Wenham's NT Greek tutor; WAS First year Greek grammars and workbooks

From: Paul Dixon - Ladd Hill Bible Church (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 02:33:13 EST

David, at DTS ('71-'75) we used Goetchius first year, Dana and Mantey 2nd
year, Blass-DeBrunner 4th year (but only for advanced Greek students
majoring in Greek). I forget what we used 3rd year, except
that we studied Ephesians and wrote our own commentaries on it.
BTW, I have pretty much decided to teach out of Wenham. I had never even
seen it until I heard about it on the net, then checked it out at the
library. Was really impressed with it. I like the straight forward
approach, the introductory chapter on English grammar, the fact they get
into translation work early on, etc. Also, was impressed with the fact
it has been the text in Europe for years.

Before deciding on it, however, I was close to deciding on Greek To ME.
But, I'm not an artsy/craftsy type guy and the visual approach (cute and
absurd pictures to aid memory) did not particularly attract me.

Paul Dixon

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