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>I'm not sure that Thayer indicates the 'first-created' definition in Col
>1:15 ". . . this passage does not with certainty prove that Paul
>reckoned the LOGOS in the number of created beings." p.555

Thanks for the answer Ronald. I am aware that Thayer's doesn't, with
certainty, state that PROTOTKOS means 'first-created.' My point is, that
neither is it _the 'first-created' definition_ negated in Thayer's either.
(i.e., it is not totally ruled out) Thayer's shows this by alluding to the
writings of Origen, Clement, and B.P. Lightfoot (re: understanding of the
patristics). It is of interest that Origen, in De. Prin. 4.4.1, calls the
Son of God, 'the firstborn of all creation, a THING CREATED, wisdom,' this
is the trans. given by Jaroslav Pelikan. (See Christian Tradition, Vol. 1,
p. 191)

Thanks for the many references Ronald. I will get busy, looking them up. :)

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